Is Artificial Intelligence in Demand in UAE

Is Artificial Intelligence in Demand in UAE?


Market Definition for Artificial Intelligence in the UAE:

As Artificial Intelligence is getting more prevalent in several sectors including Retail, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Media & Advertising, Manufacturing, and Others, UAE is poised to benefit. An artificial intelligence system is one of the computer systems that perform tasks that include human intelligence. Comprehension,  Visual perception,  help in the decision-making process, and language translation are some of these tasks. Assimia (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), chatbots, autonomous cars, navigation systems, Boston Dynamics, and the gaming industry are some examples of how artificial intelligence is being used in the scientific community and the public at large.

Using Offering, Technology, Type, and End-User to analyze the UAE Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market. Aside from the offering (Hardware, Software, and Services), there are also technical offerings (NLP, Machine Learning, Context-Aware Computing, and Computer Vision), end users (Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive, Security, and others), and types of AI (Narrow/Week AI, General/Strong AI).

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A Look at How UAE is Advancing Toward Artificial Intelligence:

For the development of its society, UAE has increasingly embraced advanced technologies. Emirates ranked first in the Arab world for its readiness to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies according to a 2019 study on the ‘Government Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index’2.

The UAE is Focusing on AI for What Reason?

There are numerous future services sectors, as well as some unique infrastructure projects also utilizing artificial intelligence were first announced by the UAE Government in 2017 as part of its Artificial Intelligence Strategy. UAE’s goal is to become one of the leading AI countries across the world by 2031 and apply AI to several sectors such as energy, education, transportation, space exploration, and technology.

A long-term AI strategy has been developed by the country’s AI ministry. In order to integrate technology within the education system, the ministry has also proposed adopting an AI curriculum and launching six smart platforms. In order to integrate technology within the education system, the ministry has proposed adopting an AI curriculum and launching six smart platforms.

The UAE plans to boost its GDP by about 35% ($96 billion) through AI technologies. Cutting government spending by half will result in approximately $3 billion in savings for the country.

Artificial Intelligence is a Growing Field in the UAE

As AI technology is implemented, job opportunities will increase exponentially. The Government of UAE is trying to avail of this great opportunity by making some great advancements in this field. Approximately 133 million new jobs will be creates by AI and robotics by the end of 2022 this information is reporting by the World Economic Forum. In the middle east, approximately 40 percent of the job positions will be automates by 2030, estimated by McKinsey. The focus on AI technologies is also resulting in instant growth in AI career opportunities all across the UAE. There will be a great raised in the demand for artificial intelligence skills, robotics skills, data science skills, as well as machine learning skills in the future years. It is estimates that an entry-level AI engineer with one to three years of experience can earn about 239,854 AED9.

 An AI Engineer with 8+ years of experience, on the other hand, can earn as much as 425,053 AED per year on average.

In the UAE, AI Has a Bright Future:

How will artificial intelligence impact the UAE and the Middle East? The ebook “AI in the Middle East” is available for free download here.

Improve Your Job Prospects With Artificial Intelligence by Upskilling:

Global economies have to be impacting in unimaginable ways by COVID-19, but AI has experiences relatively limitational effects. As a result, AI and automation in the various job opportunities not only play a crucial role in fighting the pandemic but are also crucial for economic viability as well as global competitiveness. A range of new skill sets are demanding as a consequence of the growing demand for skills of AI professionals. When choosing an online AI course in UAE today, ensure that the curriculum is not just academic in nature. But also combines hands-on training with current industry practices.

Post Graduate Programs in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning,

Offered by The University of Texas at Austin (in partnership with Great Learning) provide excellent preparation for AI careers in the UAE. And Gulf region. In five years, AI and data science will have a major impact on UAE workers’ jobs According to the YouGov study commissioned by Dataiku. The country has a strong pro-AI sentiment, but there is still work. To do in order to democratize the use of data and AI.

According to a Report Commissioned by Dataiku,

The UAE leads the EMEA region in leveraging data science and artificial intelligence. Throughout France, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, and the UAE, 2,487 decision-makers are surveys by YouGov in early 2022. UAE respondents rates the significance of data within the workplace as always the highest. With 84 percent believing it is complicating and crucial, compares with 69 percent in EMEA.

Finally, I Would Like to Conclude:

AI’s role within UAE respondents’ jobs, organizations, and sectors is also well understandings by respondents in the survey. It is estimates that 66% of UAE respondents will experience a change in their role. In the next five years as a result of AI and data science. The same number (65%) expects the impact of AI and data science on their companies. While 67% expect the impact to be on their industries.

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