How to Choose the Right CIPD Course?

So, are you planning to enroll in the CIPD? Well, that is cool. In fact, it is a great decision. Enrolling in CIPD means getting a VIP stamp on your ticket in the HR world. So, it can boost your career in a wink.

Wait, I know what is stopping you from working on your plans. You are confused, right? Yeah, I know CIPD is such a vast field, and you have so many options before you. So, it is actually hard to choose the right path for your CIPD journey. But don’t worry; I will make things easy for you and help you choose the best CIPD course for yourself.

Choosing the Right CIPD Course

Well, you already know that CIPD is the short form for the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development. And it is all about HR. But when it comes to choosing a particular course for CIPD qualification. Even the best of us get confused. Well, it is like having all of your favorite dishes in front of you, but you can just eat one.

So, it is one of the toughest choice that you have to make. But still, you have to make this decision no matter what as you just can’t enroll in all of them together for sure. So, let us see how you can do that.

Know Your Career Goals

Well, before delving further into your CIPD course selection. You must first identify your goals. I mean why do you want to study CIPD?

  • Do you want to achieve a specific position?
  • Want to boost your career?
  • Or just wants to enter this field.

Obviously, everyone is aiming for CIPD with different goals. So, you must be clear about what your goals are. This will solve half of your confusion and help you navigate and choose your ideal CIPD course.

Two Possible Study Routes

So, you have two possible routes to becoming a CIPD-qualified professional.

1.      CIPD-accredited university programs

These are like normal degree programs. You get enrolled in the university and get your bachelor’s or master’s degree for your qualifications. So, by completing these programs, you will not only get a degree from your university but also a CIPD membership.

If anything seems impossible during your studies, reach out to professional CIPD assignment help UAE. And they will assist you in completing your CIPD journey.


2.      CIPD qualifications

Now, the next route is to get your CIPD certification from some other institute that is recognized by the CIPD. You can find a lot of such institutes in the UAE. There, you will get a CIPD certificate directly from CIPD.

These centers don’t just teach the whole CIPD from A to Z to students. However, there are three levels of CIPD qualifications taught by them.

Levels of CIPD

You know CIPD comprises of three levels:

  • Foundation Level 3: Well, it is the most basic level of CIPD. It is ideal for beginners who are just planning to enter into the world of HR.
  • Intermediate Level 5: This is for experienced professionals who are looking for a boost in their career. It teaches you about complex HR concepts and ideas.
  • Advanced Level 7: Finally, it is the last and most challenging level of CIPD for experienced HR professionals. If you complete this level, it will take your HR career to new heights. It is for people who are aiming for top positions in their organization.

So, you must choose a level that matches your current knowledge and experience and aligns with your goal of completing CIPD.

Choose your Specialization

Well, HR is such a huge field. It is like a tree with different branches spread all over. So, you must choose which area of HR you are interested in the most to find the best course for you. You might be good at recruitment and selection. Or you might love doing compensation things. So, whatever it is. Choose your course based on your interest as you choose your specialization here.


Consider your Learning Preferences

You know not every one of us is the same. Obviously, we all have different learning preferences. Some of us are just beginners, so we can take classes any time or get CIPD assignment examples online. At the same time, others have already set their foot in the professional world. So, it is hard for them to take their classes regularly. Fortunately, you can choose your own preferred learning style in CIPD. Therefore, it is important to keep your schedule in mind while choosing the route to your CIPD journey.

Final Words

I hope that by now you must be clear as to which CIPD course might turn out to be the best for you. You just need to focus on your career goals and find the best available options for you to choose from. So, follow my guide and I am sure that this choice will not stay as confusing as it is today. Best of luck for your CIPD journey!

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