Emirates Tops: The World in 5 Labour Market Rankings

Introduction to UAE’s Labour Market:

It has been estimated that approximately 68% of the labour force of UAE is from other countries and the maximum number work in the private sector. Less number of international workers hire in the public sector, which increases the unemployment ratio all across UAE.

 You will find about UAE labor market policies and its demographic trends in this blog.

A number of international labor market indices have rated the UAE as the best. According to the Global Prosperity Index 2023 published by Legatum Institute of the UK, the UAE ranked first in Talent Attractiveness. Additionally, the Emirates topped several indices within the International Institute for Management Development’s World Competitiveness Yearbook 2022.

Indicators such as low severance compensation costs and fewer labour disputes are also included. Moreover, in the World Intellectual Property Organization’s (WIPO) Global Innovation Index 2022, the UAE was praised for its low severance compensation costs.

In Terms Of Ranking:

As part of the World Competitiveness Yearbook 2022, the UAE also ranked second on five indices: the availability of specialized senior managers, the employment rate, the low unemployment rate, the proportion of expatriates, and the proportion of the population who are employed.

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Expatriates / Expectations:

Expatriates assume that life in UAE is easier and they will have better career opportunities there and more employment options as compared to other regions of the world. UAE is also considered one of the friendly places for international people all across the world. 

On Tuesday, InterNations released its Expat Insider 2022 survey that surveyed nearly 12,000 ex-pats about everything from the quality of life to settling into working abroad to personal finances for ex-pats in their respective countries. A new Expat Essentials Index was included in the survey for the first time, covering topics related to digital life, administration, housing, and language.

According To The Survey,

The 9th edition survey report state that out of 10 foreign workers 7 are highly satisfied with their quality of life in UAE, which is approximately the same as of global average. 

There Is Nothing Better Than The Government System:

A large part of UAE expats’ happiness can also be attributed to the readily available government services online. Around 85 percent of UAE residents report that living without speaking their local language is easy, compared with 51 percent globally. An Indian ex-pat quoted in the report said, “The government system is the best.”.


UAE’s cashless payment system and high-speed internet are attractive to ex-pats. Residents of the UAE have reported difficulty using social media because the country restricts access to forums and websites that violate moral, social, and religious norms. The UAE remains one of the top 10 countries despite being ranked fifth on the quality of life index.

Expats appreciate the UAE’s leisure opportunities, culinary variety, and dining choices, as well as its culture and nightlife.

 Moreover, 90 percent of ex-pats are satisfied with the UAE’s travel opportunities, while 95 percent are pleased with the infrastructure for cars here. Among the world’s top ten for the latter is the UAE.

A Healthy And Happy Lifestyle:

94 percent of ex-pats, compares with 81 percent globally, rates personal safety as the best factor in the UAE according to the InterNations survey. It is safe for me to walk in the dark on dark evenings. In the day, I have no fear of theft,” reports a British expat.

In addition to political stability, 86% of ex-pats value it highly. 78 percent of expats in the UAE are satisfies with their ability to access healthcare services. Expats also rank medical care quality (6th) and accessibility (6th) extremely high. While 61 percent of the world’s population finds healthcare affordable, 56 percent find it affordable in their own region.

Welcome To Our Welcoming Home:

According to the Ease of Settling Index, the UAE ranks 13th. 77 percent of ex-pats say they feel welcome there, compares to 66 percent globally, in the subcategory of culture and welcome (10th). Sixty-five percent of respondents report being satisfies with their social life as well. The local population is considering friendly by 69 percent to foreigners. And 74 percent to foreign visitors.

Finally, I Would Like To Conclude:

Expats votes the UAE fifth in this index because they enjoy working there. Interestingly, the UAE is ranks first in this factor for four out of five ex-pats who believe moving to the UAE has improves their career prospects. Considering their career opportunities and the local job market. It comes as no surprise that they are also satisfies. A worldwide survey conducts by Expat. Insider 2022 shows Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, the UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore (10th). As the most popular ex-pat destinations.

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