Travelling on Emirates: No physical boarding passes, what you should know ahead of your trip

Travelling on Emirates: No Physical Boarding Passes, What Should Know Ahead of Your Trip


In the near future, Dubai will be dominated by mobile boarding passes. Emirates will require passengers departing from Dubai to use a mobile boarding pass instead of a paper boarding pass in an effort to provide greater convenience and assurance of a digitally enabled travel experience.

Digital Initiatives Are Being Rolled Out:

Emirates will begin requiring most passengers departing Dubai to use mobile boarding passes starting 15 May, to offer customers the convenience and assurance of digital travel.

Mobile boarding passes will be emailed or sent via SMS to passengers checking in at Terminal 3. If passengers check-in online, they can retrieve their boarding pass on the Emirates App or load their boarding pass into their Apple Wallet or Google Wallet. Passengers will also receive a baggage receipt via email or via the Emirates App once their luggage has been checked in.

Mobile Boarding Passes:

Mobile boarding passes will be sent to airport passengers checking in at Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport starting on May 15th through either e-mail or text messaging. Digital boarding passes can be loaded into Apple Wallet and Google Wallet or retrieved via the Emirates App for passengers who have already checked in online.

With the mobile boarding pass, passengers can use it from Dubai Duty-Free to security and boarding to make their travel more convenient and accessible. In order to scan the QR code, Emirates agents and the appropriate airport staff simply need to look at the passenger’s phone with the digital boarding pass.

In Partnership With Dubai International Airport,

Emirates and the airport will significantly reduce paper waste and offer passengers a digitized check-in experience that is convenient and speedy. Passengers can also travel with peace of mind because it reduces the chances of losing or misplacing boarding passes.

As a result of this initiative, paper waste will be significantly reduced and passengers departing Dubai will be able to check in digits quickly and conveniently. As a result, passengers have peace of mind when traveling, as boarding passes are less likely to be lost or misplaced.

There Might Still Be Some Papers Needs By Some:

By showing the mobile boarding pass on the phone, travelers can use it throughout their trip, including at Dubai Duty-Free, at security, and for boarding. As passengers move through the airport and onto the aircraft, Emirates agents and airport employees will scan the QR code on the mobile boarding pass. There are still instances when passengers who travel with infants, unaccompanied minors, passengers who require special assistance, passengers with onward flights on other airlines, and all passengers flying to the United States may need to print out a physical boarding pass.

Still, Emirates Is Stresses,

Emirates stresses, however, that some passengers will still need a paper boarding pass even with the introduction of a mobile boarding pass. Infants, unaccompaning minors, passengers with special needs, and passengers flying onward on another airline are among the exceptions.

The physical boarding pass will also have to be printing for passengers traveling to the US. If passengers do not have a mobile device, they can request a boarding pass by contacting an Emirates agent at a check-in counter.

If passengers do not get their boarding passes on their mobile phones for some reason such as, if they are running out their batter power or their phones, some sort of system failure, or even passengers will late receive messages, or improper internet connection or even failures in the data packages can ask for the printing boarding pass.  

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Emirates agents offer passengers the option to print out a boarding pass at check-in counters if they don’t have a mobile device or can’t access their information on their phones due to a number of reasons, including running out of battery power, a system breakdown or glitch, a delay in delivering messages, or a lack of access to WiFi, networks, or data packages.

Digitally enables journeys are already convenient for millions of Emirates passengers. Furthermore, those using the Emirates app are able to access digital menus in advance and curate a playlist of favorite movies, TV shows, and music playlists available on ice, which they can sync from their app when they board to save time, as well as convenient check-in and itinerary management.

Aviation Is Undergoing A Digital Transformation,

And sustainability efforts are commendable. Many people will miss the nostalgic feel of keeping boarding passes on paper. As more airlines move towards reducing their paper waste, screenshotting mobile boarding passes might be an option.

Finally, I Would Like To Conclude:

Dubai International Airport now offers seamless travel to registering passengers, who can use biometric machines or smart gates to access various airport stations.

When Residents Return To Dubai,

They can use Emirates Terminal 3’s Smart Gates to speed through immigration.

The Smart Gates accept passports, boarding passes, or valid UAE IDs from UAE citizens and residents, while biometric passports are accepts by visitors from GCC nationalities who are eligible for visas on arrival. Thus, this digital transformation made the traveling procedure smooth and easy, now people will enjoy their traveling more.

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