The Executive MBA Immersion programme at UNM Anderson provides a global perspective

UNM Anderson’s Executive MBA Immersion Offers International Perspective


Global immersions, also known as global residencies or school-sponsored abroad excursions, are one method online MBA students can optimize their networking opportunities. These immersion experiences overseas present a fantastic chance for online MBA students to interact in person with other students, instructors, and business professionals, as they may not often get to visit their peers.

Anderson School of Management offers an online executive MBA program.

Small Groups, Complete Immersions

The Executive MBA program at Anderson School of Management is designed for working executives and corporate leaders from a range of industries. It includes live online sessions on Saturdays, networking opportunities, alumni interaction, and two intensive weeks that alternate between course delivery.

Within your cohort, as a professional enrolled in the 43-credit-hour EMBA, you will be organized into small teams. To maximize your leadership growth, you will engage in in-person activities and online courses where you will exchange ideas.

  • Any undergraduate background is acceptable for applicants.
  • To be eligible for the program, candidates must have substantial work experience, including managerial or leadership roles.

New Launch

The UNM Anderson Executive MBA Class of 2023 spent a week-long overseas immersion experience in various Italian sites last spring. Most notably, the group visited Puglia, the site of the 2024 G7 Summit meeting.

By exposing students to global management viewpoints and allowing them to network with foreign corporate executives and government officials, the immersion week aims to improve students’ education. The EMBA students had the chance to hear directly from the corporate executives about their communication styles and business strategies during these meetings.

Under the guidance of Professor Lucio Lanucara,

The students investigated how Puglia withstood social and economic upheavals by depending on culturally significant places like its beaches, medieval farmhouses, cuisine, and other historic sites.

Drawing on the norms, rituals, and traditions that are fundamental to the particular culture’s identity forms the foundation of Lanucara’s theory of economic development. A combination of these offers the possibility of sustainable growth. All things considered, it protects the region’s resources and identity for the next generations.

Thanks to the Immersion Week in Italy,

I learned many new business strategies, including a new marketing term, advertising. Which is the action of integrating your company’s product or service into existing conversations to gain free advertising,” Ivan Olay, who graduated from the 2023 EMBA program “Throughout the program, I have grown both personally and professionally. Meeting many international leaders has allowed me to expand my network across industries and globally.”

According to Lanucara’s Research 

Anderson’s EMBA program, which combines Lanucara’s research theory with practical experience in Italy. This exemplifies how the integration of academic concepts with real-world applications yields a comprehensive experience. However, this prepares graduates to apply creative solutions locally and thereby positively impacts New Mexico’s economic development.

The class of 2023 transformative the EMBA immersion due to its unique blend of practical learning and global insights. According to Reilly White, associate dean of teaching and learning at Anderson, However, “This experience introduced the students to a location and economy set to host world leaders in 2024. Also, highlighted how Anderson’s Executive MBA program develops leaders for New Mexico and beyond.”

Science and Technology Leadership is an alternate immersion program to Global Leadership. This option, which has been offered in the Bay Area for the past two years, is geared toward kids who are interested in science and technology.

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Superior Faculty:

Among the greatest in their fields are the faculty members of Anderson’s Executive MBA program. Their grasp of businesses and organizations puts you in a leading position when it comes to strategy and execution.

You will interact with a fresh breed of leader who uses interdisciplinary approaches to improve business education.

In conclusion, it is impossible to exaggerate the value of an overseas immersion in an MBA program. Particularly, top-tier MBA programs should carefully consider the curriculum and work with the world’s top universities to optimize the synergies. I can honestly attest that students coming out of such revolutionary world-class programs are far more equipped to deal with the uncertainties and problems of the modern world.

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