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We have a full-fledged refund policy which we strictly follow. Our priority is to keep our customers satisfied at all cost and therefore, keeping their money safe is also one of our primary concerns. Following is the proper money back guarantee with all the main points and features. Make sure to read it thoroughly before placing your order and in the case of uncertainties.

Late Orders – The order was given past the deadline

Delivering assignments on time is our top priority but sometimes due to technical glitch the delivery can be delayed. In case of late orders, reach out to customer support team to discuss the problem. We always have a genuine issue of late deliveries, but otherwise we will make a refund if the reason is not genuine.

  • If in case your submission deadline has passed due to late delivery and our custom paper is of no use, we will make a full refund*. The submission date considered will be the one that you provide us at the time of order.
  • Once you have claimed the refund and got your money back, you cannot use our custom paper and in case of anyone found guilty, we will take strict actions.

Low Quality Paper – Quality of the paper is not according to the standard requirements

We deliver high-quality papers every time but if your expectations are not satisfied, feel free to avail the unlimited revision policy. You are supposed to get the papers revised, and the refund will not be made if the paper is perfectly revised. The refund claim will be accepted if any of the following condition is satisfied

  • The paper is plagiarized. We check our papers through TurnItIn but if in case you are able to prove a plagiarized paper, we suggest to get a revision, but if the submission date does not give you much space for revision, the money will be refunded.
  • The specifications are not properly met. Our writers make sure to fulfill all the specifications, but in any other case you can avail the unlimited free revisions for the next week. We will fix all the issues. In case of revisions, the refund will not be made.
  • Even after the revisions, the student is not satisfied, the paper will be analyzed by our QA team and the refund will be made accordingly. If the paper has been already used, the refund will not be made.
  • We provide drafts to the customers throughout the writing process, and it is their responsibility to thoroughly check the papers and notify us if there is any issue or changes required. The refund will only be made if the notified issues are not fixed in the final paper and has caused the overall low quality of the paper. If you kept approving the drafts along the process and then notify of the issues in the previously provided drafts, we will not consider them.

Non - Delivery – In case the client did not receive the completed paper

Non-delivery is hardly a case with us, but if something like this occurs and the customer is not provided with the complete paper, you are requested to contact the customer support. If the customer support team is also unresponsive for two business days, then you can ask for full refund*.

Wrong Charges – Any technical issue concerning the payments

Due to technical issues or glitches in the payment gateway, double payment or additional amount can be charged.

  • Whenever you face the issue of unnecessary amount charge, you are requested to inform our customer support team immediately with the proof of both the receipts so we can make a full refund* of the additional amount.
  • Majority of the times the problem of additional payment is due to the payment gateway company so you are advised to solve the issue with the company first to avoid such challenges in the future.

Cancellation from Customer’s side – orders can be cancelled within 24 hours only

If you ordered your paper earlier and have changed your mind later, you can cancel the order in the next 24 hours only. Otherwise you will have to continue with the paper if the writer has already started working on it. If order is cancelled, full refund* will be made or you can order any other service of the same worth.

Not getting a Desired Grade – We guarantee quality, not a specific grade

If you aim to get an A plus in your paper and expect us to guarantee that, it is not possible. We guarantee to provide you with a high-quality paper with perfect formatting, grammar, and structure, but we certainly cannot guarantee a specific grade as it totally depends on the student’s overall performance throughout the semester/term.

Failed paper – Proof within 3 weeks

Firstly, it is not possible that you fail the assignment provided by us because of the quality and professional skills of writers. However, in the rare case of failing, you are supposed to claim a refund within the next three weeks. The time period starts from the date of your submission and if you manage to show us the proof of failure, we will make a 50% refund because the writers are paid in advance, and it is impossible to take the payment back from them. Any proof or claim after the three week time period will not be catered to.

Important points to note:

Refund Claim Method

In case of any refund request or double charge dispute, the client must talk to the customer support team so we can take the necessary actions immediately. The claim needs to be made within the next three weeks after the paper has been delivered to you. We strictly prohibit our customers to involve any third party like the credit card provider, PayPal, or the legal authorities.

Refund Period

The refund period is the time period allowed to make a refund claim. The refund period is of three weeks. The refund period starts from the day of client’s order deadline till the last day of following three weeks. Any claim made after the refund period will not be accepted.


Chargeback is strictly prohibited by The clients are requested to reach out to our friendly customer support team to resolve any sort of dispute. In the case of chargeback, the client will be marked as fraudulent on our systems. Furthermore, if we suspect any individual taking wrongful advantage of our services, we reserve the right to take legal actions.

Refund proceeding and finalization time period

A minimum of 48 hours will be taken to analyze the order by the QAD and provide the reports to approve the refund. Clients are requested to keep patience and let the teams work on the proceedings. Once the refund is approved, the payment will be made within the next 24 hours.

Refunds are only made if any of the above mentioned term and condition is being satisfied and the Quality Assurance Department approves the case.

*Full refund= 90% of the amount paid. 10% deduction is transaction cost paid to the payment Gateway Company plus service charges.

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For any confusion or query, you can call/whatsapp us or talk to us online through the chat option available on the website. Our customer care team is available 24/7 for your assistance.

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