UAE Private Teacher Work Permit – How to Apply?


In December 2023, A private teacher work permit was launched in which teachers can teach students individually after school time. There are plenty of changes expected from this change. And this post covers everything about this private teacher work permit. Why it is having been launched? and how to apply.

Reason Why this work permit was introduced:

One of the reasons why this private teacher work permit has been introduced is that it will eliminate the illegal private tuition system. And to protect the rights of the teachers and help provide the children of UAE the best possible education. The students who fail to pass a certain subject so, he can be given to a teacher who has a private teacher work permit

This work permit will also make sure that the schools can’t hire those teachers who are unable to maintain the quality of the education. 

This step will turn the education sector a lot and hopefully, there will be a good change for the education sector and both teachers and students. 

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria is quite simple, as it is available for everyone who is over 15 has some kind of special education, and is enough qualified to teach students in a certain field. So, all these professionals can easily for this work permit. This will allow them to teach their specialization individually or in a group. 

So, this easy eligibility criterion makes it clear for the students who want some extra guidance or any type of UAE assignment help that this will help every student to get specialized assistance. And the professionals earn some extra money. 

Process of Apply:

Firstly, to apply you can submit an application online or from the E-Systems for Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Secondly, keep in mind that there are some documents you should have for applying for this private teacher work permit. Lastly, below are the documents you require to apply for this work permit.

Required Documents:

For Students:

1) (NOC) No Objection Certificate from the guardian.

2) Good Conduct Certificate

3) Certificate of Medical Fitness

4) Certificate that shows you are currently studying.

5) Last academic Certificate. 

6) Valid Identity Card

7) A clear picture with a white background.

The above-mentioned documents are required for those who are studying. But wants to teach students a specific course or subject. 

For Unemployed People:

1) Certificate of good conduct

2) The latest academic degree the person has.

3) Valid Identity card 

4) Certificate of Medical Fitness

5) Clear picture with a good background.

6) If any experience certificate the person has.

For those who are Unemployed but they related to the education Field:

1) No Objection Certificate (NOC)

2) If any experience certificate 

3) Valid ID

4) Certification of Medical Fitness 

5) Good conduct certificate

6) Latest completed academic degree

7) A clear photo with a white background.

For registered teachers of Private and Public Schools:

1) Certificate of good conduct

2) NOC from employer

3) Medical Fitness Certificate

4) Experience  certificate

5) Valid ID 

6) A clear picture with a white background.

Consequences of Not Applying:

If anyone teaches privately without a work permit then they have to pay fines and penalties. Although the amount of fine is not yet announced. But before the work permit is announced the teachers who teach privately have to pay around 50k Dh.

So, if you are a teacher who is planning to teach students privately. So, make sure to get this work permit. Because this will save you from any kind of ban, fine, fee, and penalties.


Firstly, the private teaching work permit was announced in the UAE back in December 2023. Secondly, this will allow the teachers to teach students privately (Other than the institutes in which they teach). Thirdly, anyone who has knowledge of any subject or field and is over 15 is eligible to apply. Lastly, some essential documents to apply including ID, A clear picture, a Medical Certificate, an Experience Certificate, and an NOC. 

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