UAE Announces Holocaust To Be Taught In Schools

UAE Announces Holocaust To Be Taught In Schools

Do You Know What is Holocaust Education:

In order for a world free of genocide to be realized, we must educate our children about the Holocaust. In order to teach about the Holocaust effectively. And in a way that promotes critical thinking, though, it needs to be based on fact and based on facts. Students at school and professionals at work alike can learn about the Holocaust through educationally sound approaches supported by the IHRA.

A Working Group Of The IHRA Is Dedicated To Education:

As IHRA Member Countries, we work to counter historical distortions, hate speech and incitement to violence and hatred by promoting education, remembrance and research on the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma.

IHRA’s Education Working Group (EWG), which consists of international experts in pedagogy, advocates for the use of best practices around the commitments that IHRA member countries make when they sign the Stockholm Declaration and 2020 IHRA Ministerial Declaration to advance Holocaust education. Educators and policymakers can use the EWG’s recommendations to guide their curriculum development when developing training or teaching programs about the Holocaust.

A series of successful professional development programs have also been conducts by the IHRA through the EWG in Moldova and El Salvador, both of which are Observer Countries. As a result of these efforts, the government of Moldova has develops an action plan for Holocaust exhibitions, education, memorialization, and curricula, and the Ministry of Education in El Salvador has committed to incorporating Holocaust education into its national curriculum for the first time ever.

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Holocaust Education in the United Arab Emirates,

In primary and secondary schools across the United Arab Emirates, history classes will teach about the Holocaust, the UAE’s embassy in the US announces. It didn’t immediately acknowledge Monday’s announcement from the Emirates, a federation of seven sheikhdoms, nor did it provide any details about the curriculum. President Donald Trump’s administration brokers a deal to normalize relations between the UAE and Israel in 2020. According to a tweet from the UAE embassy, “following the historic Abraham Accords, in coming years, Holocaust education will be taught in primary and secondary schools,” referring to the normalization deal that also recognizes Israel by Bahrain and Morocco.

Despite Its Decades-Long Occupation Of Palestinian Land,

Other Arab nations have refuses to recognize it diplomatically. Among other tweets, US ambassador Deborah Lippstadt. Who oversees anti-Semitism monitoring, praises the announcement.

Lippstadt wrote, using a Hebrew word for the Holocaust. That “many countries, in the name of political expediency. Continue to minimize the Shoah for too long.” This is an excellent step by the UAE. And I expect that other countries will soon follow suit.”

In conjunction with the normalization, a meeting of the Negev Forum Working Groups is scheduling for Abu Dhabi this week. A number of countries will attend the meeting, including Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States. Diplomatic recognition of Israel has exists for decades in Egypt.

Israel, Founded in 1948,

Grants automatic citizenship to anyone of Jewish descent following the Holocaust in which 6 million European Jews were kills by Nazi Germany.

During World War II,

Nazi Germany murders six million Jews in genocidal manner. The content of these studies will be develops in collaboration. With Israel’s official Holocaust Memorial Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. And it will be integrates into schools’ curriculums. As well as the establishment of the first and only Holocaust museum in the Arab world. This initiative follows the signing of the Abraham Accords. Between Israel and the UAE just over two years ago.

The Biden Administration’s Antisemitism Mission Also Hails Abu Dhabi’s Initiative,

Recalling that “studying the Holocaust is imperative to humanity.” Israel’s new foreign minister Eli Cohen welcomes the move and hails, it as a “historic decision.”

A UAE Official Made The Announcement For The First Time,

Since Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government took office. After he visiting a flashpoint holy site in Jerusalem for the first time. It is the holiest site in Judaism, home to ancient biblical temples. And is known as the Temple Mount to Jews and the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims. There is today an Al Aqsa Mosque here. Which is considers the thirdholiest site in Islam.

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