Research Strategies For CIPD Assignments In The UAE

Assignments from the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) show students’ expertise in human resource management. When handling organizational problems, a formal framework is adhered to and a professional demeanor is required.


A student needs help creating a captivating CIPD report to receive an exceptional grade. That being stated, it is challenging to locate a qualified Dubai CIPD assignment helper. CIPD reports need to follow certain rules, have a specific format, and involve a lot of case research. The most qualified people to handle report formatting are those with a CIPD human resource management qualification who are conversant with CIPD standards.

How should your CIPD assignment be researched?

Use CIPD factsheets and core textbooks as a starting point for CIPD levels 3, 5, and 7.

These have been designed to help with the subject areas of the assessment, so you will need to purchase the recommended core text.

Both the core textbooks and the CIPD factsheets will include a brief discussion of the underlying theories.

More importantly, though, both will point you in the direction of other trustworthy and reputable sources (the CIPD factsheets provide links inside the text) and include a list of references at the conclusion. You can offer a more thorough examination of the available sources thanks to the links (inside the factsheets) and the list of references after the factsheets and textbooks.

In order to familiarize themselves with the subject beforehand, learners should also read the specifics for the CIPD unit or module.

Specifically for CIPD Level 7 and CIPD Level 5,

Then, reputable search engines will contain several of these sites. Regarding this, refrain from merely entering specifics into a generic “Google” search. Search with reputable “academic” search engines. As an example, Google does provide a search engine for “academic literature,” which includes journals and comes with Google Scholar, a useful resource for advice on research methods and citation usage.

Crucially, the CIPD posts research studies on its Knowledge Hub. These reports are typically authored by reputable practitioners, experts, and academics. Similar to Google Scholar, the CIPD’s EBSCO: Business publications and journals website offer a wider selection of professional and academic journals (even more extensive than Google Scholar) for research that critically analyzes the theory in greater detail (important at level 5, but crucial at level 7). This resource is available to all level 5 and 7 learners. There’s a ton of assistance available from the CIPD to use this site and explore deeper.

How writing firms do research

Last but not least, although reports from reputable consulting firms (such as KPMG, PwC, Deloitte, Accenture, Ernst & Young). They offer current research and insightful analyses of the sector. You should be aware that the reports might not have been authored by impartial named academics who have carefully examined the research in terms of the methodologies employed and conclusions drawn. These reports can be useful, but while analyzing the conclusions, keep in mind that the research was conducted by a commercial organization, which stands to gain financially from the findings.

Structure: For my assignment, what format should I use?

Relevant at every level: Depending on the assessment task, this will change. Make sure you thoroughly study the assessment activity’s requirements and criteria, and most importantly, pay attention to the tutor’s advice. If in doubt, ask the tutor during the session or send them an email as soon as you can, ideally one week before the deadline. Don’t “struggle in silence” or “make assumptions.”

Getting assistance with assignments

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