How Students Celebrates Christmas in the United Arab Emirates

Celebrating Christmas in the UAE is not so different in contrast to other nations. There is no holiday for Christmas in the UAE, since it is the Islamic state. But then the cities come alive with lovely flags and homes. Homes, hotels, parks, and malls are ornate with classic red and green colors. On the other hand, it is a common question in what way every person celebrates Christmas in the UAE. Below is the full guide you need to know.

Places to Visit 

1. Malls 

UAE excessive malls, gazed with stunning ornate, become heaven for Christmas shoppers. From festive getups to beautiful ornaments, malls such as the Mall of Emirates and as well the Dubai Malls provide a mystic shopping experience.

2. Local markets and beaches

Celebrate Christmas by exploring the local markets which showcase an extra old style with top skills and unique treasures. So, for a unique celebration going to a beach as well a good idea.

3. Opera Theaters

UAE opera hosts charming performances during the season of Christmas, filling the air with musical magic. As a result, attendees can engage themselves in the cultural celebration of Christmas, which is enclosed by the elegance of this iconic place. 

4. Restaurants

Celebrate Christmas by going to restaurants where diverse cultures come alive between the days. As well the diners of UAE offer a unique festive minus. If you crave an old holiday fare or unique dishes, these dinners are gratifying to taste, and as well, make sure you get the top gala.

5. Quest parks

For an exciting Christmas gala, you can travel to UAE quest parks which promise great experiences and then you can uniquely celebrate Christmas.  With themed charms and live shows the joy of having fun at Christmas and great rides. And as well engaging activities improve a notable facet of your holiday parties. 

6. Desert Safari

If you want to celebrate Christmas in a unique and new way, then desert safari is the ideal place to go and enjoy your day. For those who want to enjoy festive dinners, camel rides, and as well space science under the Arabian Sky. Hence it is among the best places on your list to enjoy this day.

7. Tourism

If you want to witness the city’s skyline covered in festive lights in contrast to Burj Khalifa is a must for you to go. Ornate with holiday theme plans, it provides a unique tourism experience providing a magical view of UAE majesty. You can also hire the top Assignment Writing Service and they will discount to this day. Hence you can celebrate Christmas free from essay life.


1. Christamas Cake

UAE has a wide range of bakeries that offer tasty Christmas cakes. From old-style fruit cakes to the latest and unique confections.  These sweet treats include a tough to the sympathy to the celebrations and creating one of the best gifts of this day.

2. Christmas Tree

Can you Celebrate Christmas without having a tree of Christmas? It makes no sense, and it will not be the best celebration. In UAE décor shops are full of a collection of Christmas trees in a wide range of sizes. Hence these ornaments with engaging and shiny door items, these trees added crucial festive charm to homes. 

3. Christmas Gift hampers

Students can Celebrate Christmas with Christmas hampers ornate with pleasant presents such as ornaments and festive trinkets to modified gifts. Hence this creates Christmas among the most prized traditions of the season.

4. Christmas plants and flowers

Introducing Christmas flowers and as well other seasonal blooms, florists in UAE offer lovely festive preparations. So, you can also enjoy celebrating Christmas with plants such as sealed pines or elegant amaryllis. Hence these beauties carry the beauty of nature into homes and add natural elegance to your gift of Christmas. 

Bottom Line

Hence this year, students can celebrate Christmas and then watch UAE into Christmas heaven, blending cultural diversity with a lot of happy joy. Thus enjoy the festive setting and make long-lasting memories on this notable day.

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