What are the Five Types of Quantitative Research Methods?

Quantitative Research, AKA the second way of collecting information for your research work, is the crucial aspect of your dissertation or research paper. You often use it to manage the numerical data and figures you later incorporate into your work. Furthermore, here, you work with close-ended questions whose answers are based on numbers.

Well, do you know when it comes to using quantitative research methods, there is not one but five different types you can opt for? They all have the same purpose: to tell the answer. However, they are all used in various works. For those who have no clue about these research methods, This blog is for you.

Here, we will explore the five quantitative research methods in detail. Furthermore, we will also talk about the work where you can use them. So, come on! Stop whatever you are doing and read this guide till the end! It is going to be one heck of an educational ride. Let’s go! But, before that, here is a small overview of the quantitative method to develop a better understanding. Also, we will see some of the benefits of using this method.

Quantitative Method – A Small Overview

You guys must have heard about this all your academic life. Still, for those confused regarding this, here is a small overview of what it is. Quantitative research means collecting information through stats, graphs and numbers. Moreover, it is also used to check recent trends, fads, and changes within the industry.


  • Firstly, using this method will always get accurate and reliable data, which it critical if you are working on a thesis paper.
  • Additionally, this research methodology is very easy to use compared to the others.
  • Here, you can replicate the data.
  • Next, this method eradicates all the chances of personal opinions and biases.

So, these were some benefits of this. Now, come on! Let’s move to the following primary section of our blog and discover the five main types.

Quantitative Methods – 5 Main Research Pillars

The quantitative research method is a way of gathering data in the form of statistics or numerals. When it comes to research, individuals often use five main pillars. Come on, let us walk through what they are.

1.     Surveys

Here comes the first type. This research method is not only standard but also the easiest one. Here, one uses different questionnaires to seek information from a vast population. Furthermore, surveys are easy to conduct and often provide the correct answer. Also, you can use various tools to create a survey form.

Well, this research method also has two types. Each one of them has a different purpose. They include:

  • Longitude Surveys: This method is used when gathering data from various time durations or years.
  • Cross-Sectional Surveys: Often, those looking for recent information use this type.

Let’s take an example: Think you are trying to launch a new skincare product or any other product on the market. However, before that, you need to learn about your target audience, their preferences and what they expect from your product. For this, you often use surveys. Moreover, it even helps you learn about areas that need improvement.

2.     Descriptive Research Method

Here comes the second research method. The descriptive method is mainly used when analyzing the problem, seeking solutions or understanding certain phenomena. This research methodology is based chiefly on the theory rather than the numerical. The only purpose of this is to observe the situation so that you can come up with practical solutions.

You guys must be wondering when you can use this method. Isn’t it? Well, you can use it for your case studies and assignments. Moreover, if you are having difficulty using this, go to the MBA Assignment Help Dubai. They will guide you on how to use this methodology for your work. Let’s take an example of this. Imagine you need to conduct customer feedback to determine the areas your company needs to work on. Well, for this, you will use descriptive surveys and forms.

3.     Correlation Method

This method relies on the scientific method and hypothesis. Using this, you determine the relationship between two variables without affecting its results. Companies who need to find the recent trends and insights often use this research method. Moreover, if you use this method for your paper or thesis, you must also have two groups. For example, Imagine you are a coffee brat who needs to analyze whether the temperature determines the number of sales.

4.     Experimental Research

Yep, you read it correctly. The fourth one is based on multiple experiments. If you need to make a decision, then this method is perfect for use in research work.

Here, you have to determine the effect of the relationship between the two groups. Moreover, the best part of the option for this methodology is that you can use as many sources as you want.

5.     Causal-Comparative

Here comes the last type of quantitative method. Indeed, you guys must be wondering what it is; well, let us tell you. It is also used to check the equation of two variables together. Here, one variable depends on the second experimental one. Here, you have to determine the effect of an independent variable on the dependent one.


This brings us to the end of the guide. So, in short, quantitative research methods have five different types. Each of them varies from one another and is used for other purposes. However, with them, you will always get the same result, AKA authentic and reliable information.


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